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The gentle art of whittling

I don’t normally post about my dear husband’s crafting efforts rather than my own, but I have something I need to share. He has taken up whittling wood and wanted suggestions for what to make as his first project. “How … Continue reading

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Sod’s Law

2018 isn’t working out well so far. Domestically speaking, pretty much everything that could go wrong has. And that’s the definition of Sod’s Law. First of all the kettle gave up the ghost, then the microwave. As if this conspiracy … Continue reading

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Knitting swing for real

Last March I carried out some experiments in the style of short-row knitting that is variously called tapestry knitting or swing knitting. I modelled a lot of swatches on spreadsheets and then knitted a few of them to prove to … Continue reading

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Plastering practice

Last year I did a beginner’s plastering course at a local college.  I haven’t had the opportunity to do any plastering since, until my dear husband thoughtfully provided me with the chance to practise recently.  I got home one day … Continue reading

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Not the rhubarb triangle

The Hepworth Wakefield There’s an area of Yorkshire, to the north of Wakefield, known as the rhubarb triangle.  Unsurprisingly, that’s because this is a centre of rhubarb growing, including early, forced rhubarb in January/February.  But since 2011 there’s been another … Continue reading


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The swing experiment – Part 3

I’m still getting to grips with swing knitting, as I’d love to replicate a Bridget Riley waves design in colourwork.  Swingy short rows should be the way to do that, and the oeuvre of German textile artist Gabriele Kluge shows … Continue reading

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