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Knitted Christmas decorations

It’s far too early to be thinking about Christmas, but I want to get ahead of myself. I still remember three years ago when a bunch of relatives all dropped hints, very late in the day, that they’d appreciate (variously) … Continue reading

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Avoiding a soggy bottom

I’m one of the few people who doesn’t watch the Great British Bake Off – can’t bake, won’t bake, get no pleasure from watching others bake.  But such is the blanket media coverage when the TV series is running that … Continue reading

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Santa’s laundry

Last week I’d knitted half of Santa’s outfit for some Christmassy bunting.  Now it’s finished and I really like it.  I’m not usually a person who puts Christmas decorations up before mid December, but I’ve made an exception for Santa’s … Continue reading

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A reindeer, last-century mohair and Scandinavian-style tree decorations

Fluffy cushion cover Continuing with my theme of finishing projects and using up my stash, I came across a half-finished cushion cover last weekend that I started knitting two years ago. That has been my project for the week and … Continue reading

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