Craft suppliers

These are some of my favourite Yorkshire craft suppliers.

Yarns and fibre

The Skep, as of Spring 2018 this is online, pop-up shops and occasional shows only, the Farsley shop has closed.

Purl & Jane, Skipton

Texere, Bradford – gone bust, but partially replaced by Airedale Yarns which is really an internet supplier, although the Shipley shop is open to callers on the first 7 days of every month. (Airedale moved from Keighley in December 2019.)

Baa Ram Ewe, the Chapel Allerton shop closed in September 2019 but the business still sells online and at shows.

Coldspring Mill, Cullingworth

Adelaide Walker, now moved to Addingham.

NB.  Arcadia Textiles in Elland no longer sells yarns.


Fabworks, Dewsbury

The Shuttle, Shipley (no website, but the shop is on Otley Road, just opposite the Dockfield Road turning).

The Fent Shop, Skipton

Fine Fabrics, Harrogate

The Remnant House, Harrogate


Bonds of Farsley, very sadly closed in December 2019.


Scrap Store, in Farsley, close to where Bonds used to be.

Scraptastic, Shipley. Small but very cheap.

The Cone Exchange, Starbeck, Harrogate.

Clas Ohlson, but the Leeds shop has now closed.


British Hardwoods, Cross Hills near Skipton and Keighley

Duffield Timber, Melmerby near Ripon

James Latham, Tingley near Leeds

(Boddy’s of Boroughbridge has, alas, gone bust.)


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