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Completed Wurm

The Wurm hat I’ve been knitting for a friend is done. It’s not quite the same as mine because I didn’t have enough of the plain yarn to use doubled between the chenille stripes. Instead, I stranded it with a … Continue reading

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Bike chain key rings

My dear husband needed a new bike chain the other day. I’m not sure why, but he’s now on the 3rd since we bought our current bikes in the mid 90s while I am still on the first. Must be … Continue reading

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Last of the summer winery

There’s a British TV series which lasted for decades and hundreds of episodes called Last of the Summer Wine. It’s a gentle comedy about a bunch of elderly folk getting up to harmless mischief in the pretty Pennine town of … Continue reading

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Keyrings and couple of gadget cases

What to do with washers? For a DIY project – I won’t bore you with that – we had to buy 50 each of two types of washers from Screwfix when we only needed four of each. They’re stainless steel … Continue reading

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The red wine trip

Buying wine in Bordeaux and Rioja Last year at this time we took a trip by car through Germany and Alsace, coming back with enough white wine to last us for a few years. This year, we thought we’d better … Continue reading

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My first proper Android app

A few weeks ago, I set myself the task of producing an Android app that would work out all the payments at the end of the fortnightly wine group meetings I attend. I’m pleased to say I’ve achieved a usable … Continue reading

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