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When things go wrong

Not all of my crafting endeavours go to plan. I tend not to mention the pear-shaped ones in this blog, I’d rather focus on the things that turn out reasonably presentable and/or useful. But we can all learn from our … Continue reading

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Double decoupage

While cycling though SW France a few weeks ago I bought a cherry pastry from a boulangerie and was handed it in a brown paper bag with vintage advertisements printed all over it. One of them was even a bike … Continue reading

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Completed Wurm

The Wurm hat I’ve been knitting for a friend is done. It’s not quite the same as mine because I didn’t have enough of the plain yarn to use doubled between the chenille stripes. Instead, I stranded it with a … Continue reading

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Alternative cycle clips, finished socks and another hat

As is usual, I’ve started more new things than I’ve finished this week. Let’s start with the finished objects. Blue Alternating Slip-stitch Socks First, the blue slip-stitch socks. I can’t show you any photos of them looking perfect on the … Continue reading

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Christmas star

Christmas Eve and I’m too busy trying to finish the gansey cowl I’m knitting as a present to write a long post.  Suffice to say, I’ve been inspired by the season to make my first origami creation since I was … Continue reading

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Simple birthday cards

Quite a few people I know have birthdays in May and June, and I’ve made a batch of cards instead of relying on the easy option of popping to the shops.  Actually, it takes less time to make a simple … Continue reading

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