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How to cut energy costs

I’ve just renewed our domestic energy contract for another year. While checking the bills I noted all the information that the government now requires energy companies to include in consumer bills in an effort to persuade the majority of UK … Continue reading

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Avoiding a soggy bottom

I’m one of the few people who doesn’t watch the Great British Bake Off – can’t bake, won’t bake, get no pleasure from watching others bake.  But such is the blanket media coverage when the TV series is running that … Continue reading

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Bank Holiday DIY

Monday was a Bank Holiday.  Most unusually, it was hot and sunny.  But did I spend the day in the sunshine enjoying the last blast of summer?  I did not.  I spent it (and the weekend before) indoors, wearing overalls … Continue reading

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An Edison lamp

Edison-type light bulbs are all the rage at the moment.  These filament bulbs are made to give a retro appearance, especially when lit.  They come in various styles of filament, including “squirrel cage” (which does what it says on the … Continue reading

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Reflecting on a circular economy

I get a kick out of mending things that would otherwise have to be sent for recycling (best case) or disposed of (worst case). It appeals to my thrifty northern temperament and chimes with current thinking on the importance of … Continue reading

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The red wine trip

Buying wine in Bordeaux and Rioja Last year at this time we took a trip by car through Germany and Alsace, coming back with enough white wine to last us for a few years. This year, we thought we’d better … Continue reading

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