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I live and work in West Yorkshire.  I've always enjoyed crafts of all types, from woodwork to lace-making.  I also enjoy anything mathematical, which makes knitting a favourite pastime, especially complicated designs.  I've been advising businesses and industry on environmental matters for 30 years and also have an interest in green living, especially where it saves me money. I live with my husband and our Maine Coon in a 100-year-old cottage that constantly needs something doing to it.  Fortunately, I enjoy DIY too.

The gentle art of whittling

I don’t normally post about my dear husband’s crafting efforts rather than my own, but I have something I need to share. He has taken up whittling wood and wanted suggestions for what to make as his first project. “How … Continue reading

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Sod’s Law

2018 isn’t working out well so far. Domestically speaking, pretty much everything that could go wrong has. And that’s the definition of Sod’s Law. First of all the kettle gave up the ghost, then the microwave. As if this conspiracy … Continue reading

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Knitting swing for real

Last March I carried out some experiments in the style of short-row knitting that is variously called tapestry knitting or swing knitting. I modelled a lot of swatches on spreadsheets and then knitted a few of them to prove to … Continue reading

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LED light strips

I love LED lighting. It’s energy efficient, comes in various shades of white or a red-green-blue version that can give you any colour you choose, reaches full brightness immediately, lasts for years, copes with a wide range of temperatures and, … Continue reading

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Christmas star

Christmas Eve and I’m too busy trying to finish the gansey cowl I’m knitting as a present to write a long post.  Suffice to say, I’ve been inspired by the season to make my first origami creation since I was … Continue reading

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Designing a gansey cowl – Part 2

I’ve been swatching in the last few days to work out how to make a gansey-style cowl. You can think all you like about knitting, and sketch, and put figures into spreadsheets – I do all of that – but … Continue reading

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