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Testing a new sock pattern

One of the many good things about the knitting and crochet community Ravelry is its forums, and several of those forums are devoted to bringing designers and test-knitters together. The designer gets her draft pattern tested in all the variations … Continue reading

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Baby dress finished

This dress for a one-year-old has been on the go for a couple of months, but in my defence I have been knitting other things at the same time. And spending untold hours on renovating a garden bench. Now that … Continue reading

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Double decoupage

While cycling though SW France a few weeks ago I bought a cherry pastry from a boulangerie and was handed it in a brown paper bag with vintage advertisements printed all over it. One of them was even a bike … Continue reading

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Renovating an antique bench

In the 1960s the Chairman of the British Railways Board, Dr Beeching, famously rationalised the network by closing many branch lines and small stations. Unwanted station equipment was sold off and my parents acquired a sturdy platform bench with cast … Continue reading

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