Completed Wurm

The Wurm hat I’ve been knitting for a friend is done.

Wurm hats

New one on the left, old one on the right

It’s not quite the same as mine because I didn’t have enough of the plain yarn to use doubled between the chenille stripes. Instead, I stranded it with a multi-coloured fluffy yarn which, fortuitously, has occasional flashes of the same dark red as the chenille. I love the contrast in texture.

Close-up of 2nd WurmIt’s just as well that the two hats are slightly different, I don’t think either of us would want to look like weird twins if we happen to wear our Wurms in the same place at the same time.

A member of my knitting group has fallen in love with this chenille yarn and I’ve promised to give her what’s left. Like me, woollen hats make her head itch and I think she’s planning a hat too. I’m not normally a big fan of acrylic yarn for adults’ garments and accessories, but I have to say that my Wurm has worn well since I made it 3 years ago, and I just throw it in the washing machine and hang it on the line to dry. Nevertheless, I’ll be quite glad to get rid of the remainder of the yarn before I’m tempted to knit any more Wurms, although I may wind some off into a ball for a twiddlemuff because the texture is ideal for adding interest – warm and comfortingly furry.

Alternating Slip-stitch socks

Let me indulge in a “beauty shot” of my latest socks on their blockers.

Blue slip-stitch socksThey’d already been worn and washed, but this just goes to show that it’s never too late to even out a piece of knitting by the blocking process. I once blocked a lace shawl several years after I’d knitted it, and it was immeasurably improved.

90th birthday card

90th birthday cardI managed to complete a couple of other crafting things this week. Firstly, the 90th birthday card I posted about last week was finished in time to go in the post. I cut the numbers and the asterisk from a scrap of gold holographic wrapping paper, while the letters for “TODAY” were just printed on plain paper and cut out. I had to cut a rectangle around the other lettering, it was far too small to cut out each individual letter. I stuck it on a larger rectangle of the gold paper to make the slight colour difference between the ordinary printer paper and the white card less obvious. All in all, I’m reasonably happy with the end result. I just hope the nonagenarian likes it.

Cork and chain key ring

The second finished object is a key ring. I shortened my new bicycle chain after putting up with rattles and hard-to-find gears for a few weeks. I was pretty sure from day one that it was too long, but I thought I’d let it settle in before making a final decision. One link has come out, the gears are now much better and – bonus – I was able to make another of my wine cork key rings.

Wine cork and bicycle chain key ringThis one will remind me for a long time to come of a stupendous tasting at the Rolly-Gassmann vineyard in Alsace in 2016. Pierre Gassmann tried his best to make 10 of us try every one of his 40-odd wines in the space of about half an hour. Never before have I had as many wines coming at me that fast, but they were all so good that any decision to skip one was immediately regretted when the ahhs! and wows! of the rest of the group were heard, and I couldn’t bring myself to spit out some of them despite my best intentions. If you ever find yourself within range of Rorschwihr, be sure to call in, but arrange for someone else to drive.

Bicycle transportation bag

I’ve also made a start on the bike bag. I’ve reached the point where I need to try it around a bicycle before I can do any more. That will have to wait until we have a rain-free day, then I can either take my sewing machine outside, or at least take the bag back indoors to sew without trailing mud everywhere.

Bike bag

About yorkshirecrafter

I live and work in West Yorkshire.  I've always enjoyed crafts of all types, from woodwork to lace-making.  I also enjoy anything mathematical, which makes knitting a favourite pastime, especially complicated designs.  I've been advising businesses and industry on environmental matters for 30 years and also have an interest in green living, especially where it saves me money. I live with my husband and our Maine Coon in a 100-year-old cottage that constantly needs something doing to it.  Fortunately, I enjoy DIY too.
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2 Responses to Completed Wurm

  1. Aussie says:

    Woo! Go you! Love the Wurm soo much and everything else looks great too.

  2. Nuttyaboutknitting says:

    Thank you for the “left over” chenille. I’m looking forward to making my own Wurm in time for next winter 🙂

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