The end of the summer

Gas cylinder woodburner

Gas cylinder woodburner

I find this time of year very depressing. All my lightweight, summer clothes have been washed and put away and won’t be needed again until next May or June, unless I’m lucky enough to have another holiday somewhere hot before then. (Just got back from a wine-buying trip to the continent – more of that next time.)  The evenings – and the days too – are turning cold and we’ve already lit the gas fire in our sitting room on a couple of occasions. We’ve swept the chimney that serves the wood-burning stove I made from a gas cylinder, ready for its first lighting. (I strongly recommend buying a set of rods and the attachments for drain clearing and chimney sweeping, it will save you a fortune over the years.) It won’t be long before we give in and turn the central heating on.

The only good side to autumn, as far as I’m concerned, is the opportunity it presents for “proper” knitting, by which I mean cables and texture in aran (aka worsted) weight or above, and wool rather than cotton. I’ve enjoyed the summery knits I’ve produced this year:

a lace cotton and linen shawlette/scarf in yarn remaining from a top I knitted in the 1980s,

Ginkgo shawlettethe garter stitch cotton shawl and crazily striped cardigan I made at a combined cost of £7, thanks to finding the yarn being sold off cheap,

Color Affection shawlFinished cardigan - back view

and the loose Adrift cardigan in acrylic yarn that doesn’t mind being screwed up in the bottom of a bag.

Adrift cardigan, open

Adrift cardigan, back

But I’d rather be knitting something textured in pure wool, even though I can’t wear wool next to my skin. It’s more rewarding to knit and generally produces a more impressive result, in my humble opinion.

Gansey 20It’s now a year since I finished my magnum opus, a Hebridean-style fisherman’s gansey which took me almost 8 months to knit. Hey, that’s another reason to welcome the cooler weather, I get to wear it again! And it’s Yarndale in Skipton this weekend, one of the biggest yarn fairs in the north of England. Plus a friend has acquired a fleece and is going to show me how to prepare it for spinning in the grease. Maybe autumn isn’t so bad after all.

What’s on my needles?

Adrift Again 3I’m working on my second Titus Adrift.  This one is in Bigarelle from Bergère de France.  It’s actually a lot closer to lime green than it appears in the photo.  A cotton/linen blend is a slightly mad thing to be knitting in the autumn, but now I’ve started it I want to get it finished.  I’m about half way, another couple of weeks should see it finished.  Then I need to get on with the Nanook cardigan I started a year ago and put away when spring came.

About yorkshirecrafter

I live and work in West Yorkshire.  I've always enjoyed crafts of all types, from woodwork to lace-making.  I also enjoy anything mathematical, which makes knitting a favourite pastime, especially complicated designs.  I've been advising businesses and industry on environmental matters for 30 years and also have an interest in green living, especially where it saves me money. I live with my husband and our Maine Coon in a 100-year-old cottage that constantly needs something doing to it.  Fortunately, I enjoy DIY too.
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